Lister & Petter

Lister & Petter Engine spare parts

IFI Export is a leading manufacture of Diesel Engine Spares Parts. We have wide range of Engine spares parts for after and domestic market, Lister & Petter, Lombardini, Deutz, Hatz, etc.


Complete Range of Lister Petter Engine spares  Crank Shaft, Con-Rod. Gasket kit, Repair Kit, Piston, Piston pin, Piston ring, Liner kit, Liner, Fuel Tank, Fuel Tank cap, Silencer, Air Cleaner, Filter, Filter Assembly, Rocker Leaver, Engine Valve, Valve guide, Fuel Injection spare parts, Fuel Pump, Injector, etc.,






Fuel Filter


Fuel Filter TV1


Lister Air Cleaner


Lister ST Handle




Exhaust Bend AV1

Fuel Pump Plate

Kirloskar AV1 Air Cleaner

Air Cleaner TV1




exhaust bend TV1

Fuel Tank English Lister

Main Housing AV1

Air Cleaner TV2




Air Bend

Gland Plate

Main Housing

Water Outlet




Coupling Plate

Governor Bracket

Main Housing Bearing

Type AV1

Governor Cover




Balance Weight AV1

Governor AV 1

Rocker Box Cover

Rocker Cover Plate




Balance Weight TV1

Governor Weight

Silencer II Commet

Silencer TV (Long Type)




Balance Weight

Fuel Tank Cap Lister

Silencer TV1

Silencer TV1 (Checknut)




Fuel Tank Cap Lister

Fuel Pipe AV1 AV2 , TV1 TV2

Fuel Pipe B+B, Kirloskar

Banjo Tee